Life in community on mission.


We invite you to join or visit a gospel community in your area.


Why Gospel Communities?

God has designed us for life in community on mission.

As followers of Jesus, we are committed to learning to become more and more like Him in every area of life, from work to play, finances to family. Discipleship to Jesus isn’t a Sunday-morning-thing, it’s a Sunday-through-Saturday-thing. It involves all of life.

God knows we can’t possibly do this on our own. He has made us for community and gave us to each other for encouragement, support, and care. We want to live openly, freed from having to hide, learning to share honestly and openly about all aspects of our lives.

Of course we are called to live not just for ourselves, but to be on God’s mission together, proclaiming the gospel in word and deed. We believe the good news of Jesus needs to saturate every part of the world – geographically, culturally, and vocationally. In community with one another, we want to learn to become a faithful presence of the Gospel in our neighborhoods, schools and places of employment.

Although it takes time and intentionality to learn how to do this together, there is such a rich blessing on the other side. We are living life as God intended!

What do Gospel Communities look like?

From shared experiences and the wisdom of others, we’ve chosen to build Gospel Communities around a set of consistent and meaningful practices that will help shape and sustain our life in community on mission. These practices are:

  • Sharing: We share meals together, we share leadership and responsibility for the group, and we share our stories with one another.

  • Hospitality: We welcome others to our group - especially people new to Hope Church and friends who are interested in Jesus.

  • Engaging: We interact with and engage God together through prayer, Bible study, or worship.

  • Blessing: We reach out beyond ourselves to show and tell the goodness of Jesus to our neighbors and surrounding community.